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A Unique Email Signature Works Like Magic For Your Networking

Having a signature on your emails personalizes your brand from competitors. It also helps customers remember you distinctly.
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Choose A Signature From 100s Of Templates

Signature Ninja lets you find the perfect signature for your emails from a hundred different templates. Choose the one you like and implement it in your emails!
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of Variations

Creating an email signature was never this easy!

With a powerful tool like Signature Ninja, find a variety of templates to create your unique email signature. Personalize all your emails in one go!
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We Have A Highly Customizable Email Signature Editor

With the most user-friendly interface and a large number of templates to choose from, 
our signature editor is one of the best you can find!

Integrations with Google
Workspace, Exchange,
and Microsoft 365

Our email signature software is compatible and integrated with the largest emailing platforms like Google Workspace, Exchange, and Microsoft 365, and many more. You don’t have to compromise on using any emailing service that you are not experienced in using.

Support Major Email Clients, Mobile Devices, CRMs, ESPs, and many more

Compatibility issues will be minimum with Signature Ninja as it supports all kinds of CRMs, ESPs, large email lists, etc. To top it all off- it also has mobile device compatibility for a completely responsive experience.

How we

A professionally designed email is more likely to get responses and leads. Adding a customized email signature makes your email look far more professional-looking than usual.

Using our signature editor, so many businesses have changed the way their clients perceive them. Enhance your brand image by adding a unique digital signature to your emails.

Why Are We The Best
 Email Signature Maker?

No other signature maker provides the features and convenience
 that we provide. Choose the perfect signature from different templates.

You have the
Full control

Tweak adjustments and customize the templates however you like.
Add logos and different fonts to set apart your email signatures from competitors.


Setting up is very easy! Design your email signature using our software and then instantly add them to your emails with just one click!


You don’t need to worry about your account data on Signature Ninja.
 We store all your necessary information for free which you can use to customize your signature in the future.

Add Whatever Element You Want

From your contact information to social media links, website links, brand logos, or even a customized signature, you can add anything you want with our easy-to-use editor.

Power up your email signature with special add-ons

Signature Ninja has a bunch of different add-ons you can integrate into your email. Choose different integrations to enhance your brand image and set yourself apart from competitors. Our add-ons will ensure your email signature looks professional, yet fun and inviting to the customer at the same time!

Quick Install

Signature Ninja is fast and easy to install so that users can be up and running with their created signatures in no time!

Customizable Templates

All templates available are customizable, so try out your hand at coding your email signature as you like.

Saved Signatures

Your created email signatures will be saved for eternity in our database so that you can share them with new colleagues and clients any time, any day!

Social Media Icons

Set your social media icons in the email to drive traffic to your pages. Customize the icons with different colors and shapes.

CTA Buttons

Let your customers reach out to you by adding effective CTA buttons to your email signature templates.

Share Signatures

Share your email signatures with colleagues so that they can enjoy the benefits of creating their own unique digital signatures!

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Frequently Asked

How does Signature Ninja work?

Signature Ninja allows you to create an email signature that contains your contact information, social media links, brand logo, and if you want- your literal signature as well. It essentially works as a digital business card for your emails.

Can I customize templates?

Yes, you can! You can select a template, and enter all the necessary business information there to customize the template according to your will.

How do I use email signatures?

Signature Ninja can be integrated with various email software so that you can use your email signatures across different email providers.

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