17 Email Signature Banner Ideas To Leverage Engagement

Every business in the world uses email. But not everyone is aware of the email signature banner. It is one of the most efficient ways to showcase your brand consistency and engage your audience.

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The email is the marketing channel that can build your brand, drive traffic and get everyone in your company on the same page. Chances are, you are not leveraging its full potential.

Think about how many emails your company sends in a month. Imagine all those emails could be used to communicate with customers using the humble email banners dynamically.

Marketers are constantly building strategies about email banners to drive interactions. Optimizing email banners should be your topmost priority if you want your customers to have a lasting impression of your brand.

In this article, we are diving into the strategies and ideas for leveraging your email signature banner and promoting your business effectively.

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  1. Email Signature banners play a crucial role in marketing. They not only assist you in sharing any piece of information but also improve the attractiveness of your signature.
  2. Email Signature Banners can be used in a variety of ways, including product promotions, appointment booking, newsletters, content highlighting, event registration. To use them in ways that will make you stand out, all you need is imagination and creativity. It should be customized to attract your targeted audience.

Email Signature Banner- What Is It?

Email signature banners are at the bottom of every one of your emails, yet most don’t use them to their full potential. When a recipient clicks on your signature and lands on your site, they can see a custom message just from you.

An email signature banner can boost response rates, increase website traffic, and even generate revenue.

What Makes A Good Email Signature Banner?

An email signature banner is a graphic that you place in your email signature, including a short note to your recipients. Every banner that you include in your email signature should be relevant and perfectly timed to the end recipient.

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Few points that you want to consider before making your email banner are listed below:

  1. Make a simple email signature banner.
  2. The size depends on you but makes sure it doesn’t take too much space on the screen.
  3. Have a clear call to action.
  4. Add links so that you can convert your traffic into potential customers.
  5. Make the banner catchy using different fonts, colors, and animations.
  6. It should be easy to scan for the readers.

What Are The Benefits Of Adding A Banner To An Email Signature?

Your email banner can be a powerful marketing tool. It can drive those interactions you thrive for.

A well-designed banner can be used to highlight and link to upcoming sales, events, exclusive offers, and anything else you want to promote. It has the power to grab your audience’s attention and generate sales for you.

Let’s see the benefits of adding an email signature banner:

  1. Develop your brand's image and awareness
  2. Make your products and services recognized.
  3. Generate leads
  4. Maximize customer value by increasing sales.
  5. Enhance Customer relationships and boost reputation
  6. Motivate and engage your employees.

17 Email Signature Banner Ideas With Examples

By now, you already know that email banners are a great way to increase brand awareness and get your subscribers to keep reading the rest of your email.

Here are 17 ideas of the best email banner designs with examples. Take a look at them, get inspired to create your own.

1. The Rating Banner

Create an email signature banner that allows visitors to rate you as a brand. It will make it easy for the readers to give you their valuable feedback.

email signature rating banner
Source: graphicdesignforum

Without filling out a lengthy survey form, your audience can easily select the desired rating with just one click using these handy buttons. Furthermore, this real-time click-notification can assist you in determining how well employees are performing and following up accordingly.

2. The Social Banner

Social platforms are the most excellent form of communication nowadays. If you want to leverage your connections with your traffic using social media platforms, then create a catchy signature banner that takes them to your social media profiles.

social banner
Source: Canva

Motivate your audience to follow you on the social media platforms of their choice to stay up to date on all of your brand's latest and greatest news. They can keep up with the latest trends and like, comment, and engage with your brand.

3. Case Studies

Showcase your success with your email signature banner. You can add your years of expertise in this industry. Thus, it will bring credibility to your site.

email signature banner case studies
Source: Canva

Case studies are a powerful source of content. People want to hear from trustworthy sources that your product or service delivers on its commitments. Make the most of this opportunity to highlight these testimonials (written or video) and attract potential customers.

4. Promote Product

You can use an email banner to promote a new product or promote a product with unique features.

email banner to promote a new product
Source: Canva

Email signature banners are an effective way to raise brand and product awareness. Don’t forget to include your logo and corporate colors in your marketing banners. In the future, your recipients will recognize your brand due to quickly.

5. News Announcement

Suppose a considerable discount is going on in your company. You probably want to announce that news, right? Emphasize your email banner to promote any critical information that is going on in your business and might attract a lot of traffic.

email banner to promote any critical information
Source: Respoke Collection

You can also highlight your achievement in the industry towards this banner. Make it easy for your recipients to click the full news article with the email banner headline. Demonstrate that good news for you is good news for them as well.

6. Seasonal Offer

Want to generate revenue all year? If your business provides seasonal offers, this is the chance to highlight those.

christmas sale offer
Source: Canva

Support your promotions calendar with email signature banners. Create your seasonal promotional banner. Share the dates when the offer is applicable, then sit back and see traffics increasing at your side rapidly. This will also enable your site to remain updated, fresh, and relevant.

7. Promote Content

You might have a variety of content on your site. It creates an email signature providing links to your creative content to make sure it is noticeable and more people are reading.

download latest ebook banner
Source: Anvixa

Consider how much time and effort you've put into developing branded content. An interactive promotional banner promotes your most relevant content, from ebooks, guides to videos and tutorials, and increases engagement.

8. The Recruiter Banner

People are always looking for working opportunities. If you are trying to hire people at your company, add these to your email banner. Thus, a massive amount of people will get to know about your company.

recruiter banner
Source: Canva

Now is the time to apply! Utilize internal email banners to inform your employees about job openings so they can apply for them or spread the word to others who might be interested. Link the CTA button directly to the application form to make it easier for them.

9. Employee Survey

Showcase the impressions of your employees about your company through an email signature banner.

employee survey email signature banner
Source: Canva

Are they happy working in your company or not? If yes, putting this on the email banner can boost your reputation. Run interactive one-click survey email banners to get a regular overview of employee satisfaction. Hopefully, all of the responses are positive, but any adverse reactions can serve as an alert, allowing you to follow up before they leave.

10. Booking Appointments

If you provide services and require booking, you might consider adding the ‘book an appointment ’ button in your email signature banner.

booking appointments email signature banner
Source: pointvisible

Adding this to the banner will make it easy for the viewer to book an appointment with a single click. Don’t make them look for the button.

11. Internal Informer

Your visitors can have a lot of queries about you. It might be regarding your return policy or any exclusive deal. You can make the most out of it through your banner.

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Use your email signature banners to include important information, direct traffic to your FAQs, keep your customers informed, and save your employees time.

12. Video Banner

What is more engaging than a video? Videos are highly engaging, informative and can drive traffic instantly.

Videos are the most useful content a company can produce, and they're also the most likely to be shared by B2B users.

video banner
Source: Canva

Use your email banners to promote a short informative video that will grab your audience's attention. Now sit back and watch the views roll in as people interact with your content and share it on their newsfeed.

13. Request A Quote

The ultimate goal of your business is to generate leads. It can happen only when your visitors decide to communicate with you.

You want to make it easy for your traffic to hit the “request a quote button.” So why not add it to the email signature banner?

a man working using laptop
Source: Canva

It will make it easy to begin the selling process. An eye-catching email signature template provides an effective way to encourage clients to 'Request a quote.’ They prefer to click through to the quote form you provided, regardless of how advanced the product or complex the customer's requirements are.

14. Event Promoter

There can be many events that you organize for your company. You can promote events through your email banner to inform more people about those special events. You can also highlight the date, venue at the banner and provide the link for registration.

event promoter banner
Source: Canva

Make sure to add a clear ‘register now’ button as a call to action so that they can book without any hesitation, and you get a chance to win more customers.

15. Newsletter Sign-up

Put the subscribe button in your email signature banner to make it easy for your viewers to hit the subscribe button. Make sure it is fancy enough to be clickable.

newsletter sign up
Source: Canva

You can empower your recipients to actively 'opt-in' to your newsletter email list, expand your database in compliance with data protection laws, and increase your chances of future sales via your newsletters with a simple sign-up now CTA.

16. How-to Tutorials

You might provide how-to tutorials contents at your site. It helps visitors to visualize using a product. These explainers are meaningful content and prove your expertise. Highlight these links through your email banner.

how to sell on social media banner
Source: Canva

This is an excellent example of an email banner that gives prospects the confidence to buy while also showing customers how to get the most out of your products by guiding them to 'explainer' content such as tips and tricks and tutorials.

17. Feedback Request

Feedbacks and reviews are the essential factors to boost your reputation and stand out as a brand. It can rank you higher than your competitors while giving you the authority. You can ask for feedback through your email banner.

review banner
Source: Canva

To improve your brand's internet presence and search ranking performance, use a clear CTA and include a value-adding reward to direct recipients to your site's review landing page.

Wrapping Up

Email Signature banners are a great way to promote your initiatives, increase brand awareness, and establish the tone for your entire email.

Remember that it's an excellent opportunity for assisting your viewers in finding the products they're looking for with a simple menu and establishing brand expertise.

This strategy will only work if you have some personalized email signature banner templates on hand that all match your brand's visual appearance and feel.

Are you looking for customizable email signature templates to ace in online presence?

SignatureNinja can be the right pick for you. SignatureNinja can help you find the perfect banner from hundreds of templates matching the color and logo of your brand. It has to share feature, and you have complete control of your account.

Try it out now and convert your visitors into your potential customers.

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