9 Real Estate Email Signature Templates For 2022

There are numerous instant messaging applications like Messenger or Whatsapp that are speedier and more efficient in terms of access and message delivery time. However, many people still prefer to write emails since it is the next best thing to formal communication. When communicating with individuals in a more official manner, email is the superior option. Because it is both accessible and time-efficient for all parties involved. You can enter your name directly in the signature line in addition to writing emails, but you will have to do it every time you compose an email. You may utilize the email signature tool, which is available in most email programs, to make writing your name easier. When you create an email, your name and other pertinent information will be automatically added to the bottom area of the message.

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This strategy is effective for almost every sector in business. Real estate is no exception. You should follow some fundamental procedures to make a decent realtor email signature. Take inspiration from what others have done before you, know what to include and exclude, use the appropriate colors and fonts, and understand how to properly use social media. So if you’re interested, keep reading.

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What Is An Email Signature?

An email signature functions similarly to a digital business card for your email. It's the text at the bottom of your emails that tells your receivers your identity, what you do, and, most crucially, how to reach you. The majority of it is made up of HTML code and graphics. The goal of an email signature is to give the receiver the name of the person who sent them the email, as well as some contact information. In today's world, however, email signatures are also used to provide readers a first impression of the sender by telling them of the nature of the latter's work.

Many modern email apps already offer this capability, and the owner of the email account can choose to create their signatures entirely of text or include graphical components as well. Those that are skilled in graphic design, on the other hand, may use their expertise to create email signatures utilizing graphics editing software. The final product is generally in the form of a graphic, which they may use as their default email signature.

The Basic Elements Of A Great Email Signature

Many questions about the content of this post may be on your mind right now, such as "what is an email signature template?" and "why do you need to design an email signature?" Those questions will be addressed as you progress, but for now, let's focus on the components of an email signature.

Real Estate Email Signature Tips

Use A Simple Email Signature Template For Realtors

Your experience might be made easier or more challenging depending on the template you use to construct your realtor email signature. With this in mind, select a template that is highly adaptable and provides you with all of the features you want. When we talk about alternatives, we're talking about things like text/image placement, style, typefaces, and so on.

Given that 68 percent of emails are opened on a mobile device, making sure your real estate email signature template is mobile-friendly is critical. Don't pick a template that offers 90% of the functionality you require and then assume you can easily add the remaining 10%. That isn't how it works.

To change an email signature, you'll need years of coding experience. So, unless you're comfortable writing HTML and CSS, I'd recommend starting with a template that is completely appropriate.

Always Use Your Own Photos

The issue of trust is one of the most difficult obstacles that real estate brokers confront when interacting with customers. When contacting someone, it might be tough to develop trust, yet studies suggest that including a photo of yourself in your email signature increases conversions.

Consider this: would you ever visit a customer while wearing a balaclava? Email is, after all, a faceless communication method.

When contacting someone, having a photo of yourself along with your real estate license number is the quickest and easiest approach to create trust.

Choose a photo that isn't of poor quality or is out of date. Spend a little money on a professional picture shoot instead. Also, avoid using the standard real estate photo with you facing the camera sideways and smiling artificially. Your clients can see straight through it since it's been done to death.

Have a snapshot of you laughing while giving a thumbs up instead. Any photograph that gets your consumers talking is an excellent photograph. It's a wonderful icebreaker since it's a great discussion starter. Keep in mind that when using photographs in your email signature, you should always compress the images to make them smaller.

Show Off Your Real Estate Portfolio

Have you lately hit the jackpot on a major deal that your potential clients should know about? Include a link to it in your email signature. When it comes to email signatures, we suggest that you follow the 50/50 rule. You should utilize half of it to identify yourself and display your contact details. The remaining 50% should be spent on marketing and promotion of yourself or your firm.

Keeping that in mind, now is the time to consider your most recent accomplishments and how they can motivate potential clients to hire you to sell their homes.

Include Client Reviews

Reviews are everything these days. The internet has made it very easy for consumers to access honest reviews at any time for almost any product. And, most people are aware of that and look for reviews before almost any purchase.

It's the same with realtors. Selling a home or commercial property is a major undertaking that typically entails hundreds of thousands of dollars in transactions.

We recommend including a link to the reviews on your website or another website in your email signature rather than having them directly in your signature.

Take Advantage Of Social Media

Utilize social media to your advantage. Simple businesses have already harnessed the power of social media to attract a broader audience. However, if the organization you work for permits you to design your own email signature, you should include it in the design. Don't overlook the advantages of social networking for businesses.


Make sure that all of the information in your email signature is right, including the spellings and phone numbers. If there have been any changes in the business, you should alter the contents of your email signature as well. Fitness email signatures are also available. You may be able to share this, like the rest of the versatile templates in this collection, with individuals who are in need of email signatures, whether or not they work for a real estate agency.

Add A Banner

This is where all of the magic happens in marketing. Any discounts, special offers, awards, recently sold properties, or other news you want your consumers to know may be mentioned in your email signature banner.

Having a banner with a link to your website might be a terrific approach to get your clients to interact with you. Make sure you link to a well-designed, conversion-optimized landing page.

Use Alternate CTAs

If your receivers read all the way to the bottom of your email and see your signature, they're probably interested in learning more about what you have to offer. Add a visible call to action (CTA) to your email signature at this point to assist them in taking the next step. "View homes," "Schedule a visit," "Call us," "Let's speak," and other CTAs are popular in realtor email signatures.

What NOT To Include In Your Email Signature

Here are a few things you should avoid including in your email signature -

Real Estate Email Signature Templates

Template #1

real estate email signature template

Template #2

real estate email signature template

Template #3

real estate email signature template

Template #4

real estate email signature template

Template #5

real estate email signature template

Template #6

real estate email signature template

Template #7

real estate email signature template

Template #8

real estate email signature template

Template #9

real estate email signature template

Final Takeaways

Your email signature is a great place to promote yourself. It adds greatly to building the initial image of you as a professional as one of the most critical aspects of your email. Your email footer should garner attention, enlighten, and tell consumers what they need to do next, whether you're addressing a new customer or responding to a current one.

If you’re unsure of how you go about crafting your perfect email signature, check out SignatureNinja. SignatureNinja allows you to pick from hundreds of templates, which you can then customize to your will.

Try it now!

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