A Quick Guide to Email Signatures [+Benefits and Best Practices]

Digital marketers are spending most of their time remaining on top of the piles of emails of their leads. Since the method is efficient, grabbing the limelight is a hard nut to crack. This is when email signatures come in handy.

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Like email body and subject lines, email signatures are essential as well to make a difference. Professional email signatures are a great way to build trust among your leads. This could be a smart move from your marketing team to boost conversion.

Are you confused about how to create one? Don't worry. We have got your back.

This article is a step-by-step guide to email signatures. Hence, without further ado, let's get started!

What Are Email Signatures?

The email signature is the last piece of your email that contains information about you and your business. You can consider this as a sign-off from yourself or on your company's behalf.

An email signature can do wonders when it comes to increasing response rates and boosting traffic.

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Components of an Email Signature

A professional email signature should include the following things:


Although you introduce yourself at the beginning of the mail, you should sign off at the end of the mail as well. This is a professional touch that can increase the credibility of your emails.

Brand's Name

In a sales email, you are being the representative of the company. It is crucial to make sure that you are clearly representing your company. Professional email signatures incorporate the company name to increase brand recognition.

Job Designation

Your reader should know your job designation. Hence, it is important to add your job designation in your email signature.

Contact Information

You can include your contact number or email address so that the recipients can get back to you quickly if they need to.

Website and Social Media Links

It is crucial to attach the link to your company's website in your email signature. This would increase your website traffic more than you can imagine without giving much effort.

Moreover, you should include the social media profiles of your company. Instead of attaching the link, consider including buttons for all of your social media channels.

Make sure the links are working before you send them out to your leads and customers.


It might sound weird, but a professional email signature should consist of a disclaimer as well.

The disclaimer should consist of your employer's liability, breaching privacy policy, the liability of computer virus transmission, legal requirements, and much more.


A CTA at the end of the email signature can boost revenue more than you could ever imagine. Just something as simple as: "Need help to get started? Let's book an appointment", "Any queries? Let's schedule a meeting," or "Visit Us" can play a role in driving traffic.

Why Email Signatures Matter?

Now that we have described what email signature consists of let's discuss why they hold so much importance in email marketing.

Website Traffic

We have been talking about how doing this or that can increase your website traffic. But how?

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Imagine one of your recipients liked your email content very much; they would like to know more about your company before deciding to purchase.

Instead of them looking up your company, attach your website link in your email signature. This makes them just a click away from your website.

You can set the link with a CTA like "Click to know more" or "Visit us".

This generates your website without even creating an ad and paying for it. This brings the best of both worlds. You get a boost on your website traffic, and your leads get information about you.

However, you can't expect a rapid increase in your traffic number if you have sent mail to a handful of people. This method would only work when you are regular with email marketing.

Lead Generation and Conversion

Email signatures can be a great help when it comes to conversion. Simple email signatures can help to generate leads as well.

Your email signature can consist of the download link of your blog post or the ebook you want to promote. Additionally, you can ask them to subscribe to the company's newsletters or to connect on your company's social media accounts.

A compelling CTA can lead the subscribers to take the action you want them to take. It lets you have the contact information about your lead, which can help you to push them to your sales pipeline.

Content Marketing

We know you work hard with your content and come up with excellent pieces of content. Sadly, no one will know about it until you tell them. Email signatures are a great way to show off your content.

The content should have a link of its own, including a compelling CTA. You should not overwrite it with your website's or social media feeds.

Social Traffic

Social traffic is as much as important as website traffic. Moreover, social traffic can increase website traffic.

When you post on your social media platforms, your followers will go through that. When you post a link to blog content, hopefully, your followers will click that. It will generate more traffic for your website effortlessly.

Hence, add a social media button with a simple yet impactful CTA like "Follow Us". This will be beneficial in several cases, such as building an engaging audience, earning more opt-ins, and much more.

A Guide to Professional Email Signatures

At this point, you have probably understood why email signatures are so crucial in email marketing. Now let's create one.

Keep it As Precise as Possible.

The ultimate hack to create a professional email signature is to keep it concise. We recommend you not to exceed four lines in your email signature. Additionally, the sentences should be of optimal length. Do not overwhelm your recipients with a lot of text.

Use an Image

Using an image can increase the credibility of your emails much more than you can expect. When your recipients see your face, a sense of trust will grow among them. Moreover, this will humanize the effort to know they are communicating with a person rather than a bot.

Include Your Business's Logo

Your email signature will speak for your brand. Hence, make sure you include your company's logo in it.

A logo will add colors to your email and a touch of professionalism to your email signature. Professional email signature generators like Signature Ninja will let you upload the logo of your company.

Optimize for Mobiles

Your email signature should look good on any device. For that, you will require to optimize your email signature.

If you don't optimize your email signature, recipients who open those emails on a phone or tablet will find the signature cut-off or pinched.

Have an Optimum Size

The general rule of thumb is to have an optimum length of 150-200 px and a width of 300-600 px. Your email signature must have an optimum size. Because the more bulky your emails are, the less credible it is to spam detectors.

Use Typography

Typography will add diversity to your email signature. Since you do not have much, you should be careful while selecting typography.

Here’s a couple of things to keep in mind:

A/B Test the Signature

Before you start sending emails with your email signature, make sure to A/B test to see if it resonates with your audience. Every small detail of your email signature can have a huge impact on your audience. Hence, everything, i.e. typeface, color, symbol, the icon, should be in sync. A/B testing is the best way to find the best email signature to convey a clear brand message.

The Do’s and Don'ts of Crafting Professional Email Signatures



Frequently Asked Questions

What should I avoid in my email signatures?

What is the ideal file format for email signatures?

The ideal file format of email signature is PNG or JPEG. Compress your email signatures using tools like TinyPNG. PNG is highly recommended since it allows transparency in your images.

Why does my logo look blurry on my email signature?

If a logo does not contain enough pixels to pack the printed area, it will look blurry. Pixels are a grid of little colored squares that will together combine a mosaic to form a logo. More pixels result in higher resolution.

Wrapping Up

In a nutshell, an email signature is a tiny block at the bottom that can make a long-lasting impression. It also boosts brand recognition, fosters customer confidence, and even produces new business opportunities.

Therefore, don't miss a chance to make the most out of it. Use our guide's suggestions to make it stand out and stay true to your brand's identity.

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