Tips To Create Professional Email Signature From Templates

Leaving a positive last impression is a hard nut to crack. When it comes to email marketing, it is more challenging. That’s where email signatures enter into the picture. Your email signature bears the responsibility of personal branding. It’s not just your name and title.

Hence, the signature should capture your readers’ response and attention and provide the contact information.

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This article covers some tips and tricks of crafting beautiful and efficient email signatures.


What Does Email Signature Contain?

Email signature works like your personal sign-off on your brands’ behalf. Not only that, but it also impacts your digital marketing metrics. Let’s take a look at the basics of an email signature-

Your Name, Job Position, and Company Title

As we have said before, an email signature is a personal sign-off of you on your company’s behalf. Hence, along with your name, you should also provide your position and your company’s title.

Contact information

Some people only add their phone number as their email signature contact information. That’s a big mistake. You should also add your company’s business website. It makes it easier for those recipients’ who want to visit your website. Furthermore, you can also include your email address.

Social links

We don’t need to provide you statistics of how many people around the world use social media. You already know it, don’t you?

Hence, including social media links to your email signatures is a mandatory thing to do. However, irrelevant social media links should not take up space in your email signature. Include the professional ones such as LinkedIn or Facebook.


Whether you are working for a company or your own business, consider inserting a logo. That adds a professional touch to your email signature.

Photo (optional)

It is good to include a picture of the sender in the email signature.

Optimized design

Since many recipients will open your emails on phone or tablets, you should optimize your email signatures.

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Testing your email signature’s optimization before finalizing is very necessary. You can run tests by sending emails to your friends, family, or close acquaintances.

Excellent Email Signature Tips For 2022

Your email signature will speak for you. Hence, you must get it right.

An efficient email signature generator like Signature Ninja can help you generate a unique email signature. The platform is so handy that you can create your signature without hassle.

Using Macbook To Create Professional Email Signature From Templates
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Here are 10 tips for making your email signature using Signature Ninja’s template.

1. Keep It Simple

Too much information on your email signature will overwhelm your recipients. Hence, stick to the “less is more” principle regarding email signatures. However, make sure your email signature contains enough information.

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2. Style With Fonts

Email signatures are crafted with words. Hence, making it stylish is to play with fonts and effects. There was a time when the fonts of email signatures were kept bland. But in 2022, many digital marketers are considering fonts to craft email signatures.It would be best if you kept these things in mind while crafting email signatures:

Your readers should easily read whatever fonts you choose for your email signatures. The email signature should be clear and understandable.

Stick to one font. Don’t use multiple fonts in the same email signature. It makes the signature confusing and messy.

Default fonts have become worn out. There are a plethora of options available. Choose one and style it.

3. Include Social Media Icon Instead of Picture

Your connection with your social media audience is much stronger than any other platform. Hence, you should include social media links in your email signature.

However, many people use hyperlinked images of social media icons. That’s a very unsmart approach.

Because many of your audiences’ ESP might not support images, consequently, they will not appear, and the signature will lose its value.

Therefore, consider using icons. That will add a more professional touch to your email signature.

4. Use a Hierarchy Style

Your email signature should portray the critical details of you and your organization. Hence, a structured and hierarchical format is applicable for your email signature format.

With a hierarchy style, you can group information in an orderly manner. Your name is the first thing that should be seen in your email signature. After that, your job title, contact information, and organization name.

Hierarchy style is a standard email signature etiquette.

You will find a lot of templates like this in Signature Ninja. They are a time saver. Everything on those templates is pre-built. All you need to do is fill in your information and make an impressive design.

5. Use a Professional Photo

A photo of you can make your email signature and break it as well, depending on the type of the picture. If you use a random selfie or a picture of you and your partner/best friend, then be sure that your email signature is already ruined.

An email signature is a professional thing, so the picture must also be professional.

Keep the following things in mind before choosing a photo:

Including a photo on an email, a signature is an excellent choice for any professional. It makes you more approachable to your customer.

6. Add A Touch Of Color

A pop of color on your email signature can easily catch the attention of your audience. Previously, in email signatures, there was no use of colors.

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Image from UpLabs

But as of 2022, digital marketers are embracing eye-soothing colors.

However, don’t get misled. We don’t want you to overdo colors and make your signature childish. You can follow these guidelines while using colors:

However, specific industries do not suit the pop of color. Some businesses require formal communication, and to some companies use of colors might go against their policy such as finance or law.

If you belong in that arena, that does not mean you have to be boring. You can slay in black and white.

Signature Ninja has many stylish templates that are only back and white but come out as a bold template with crisp font and smart contrast.

7. Use A Flexible Template

It’s a common phenomenon to change email signatures. If a professional has changed their career path or a company, they will need to change their signature.

Therefore, it is always wise to choose a flexible email signature template that will allow these changes.

8. Give It a Corporate Look

Email signatures of business organizations will require a corporate touch. You can do that by adding your company’s logo. Moreover, confidential statements can make it meet the corporate standards.

Professional email signature
Image from UpLabs

Along with social media and website links, you can also add the address of your office.

Besides, if your company has a color, font size, and style, you should stick to that.

However, some countries have preset laws regarding what a business email will contain. If you are from the UK, you know specific legal requirements for certain types of business communication.

You should always be aware of the requirements of your government and act according to them. Otherwise, it will be harmful to your business reputation.

9. Stay Updated

Modern email signature not only catches attention but also fits with brands. A sleek email signature with crisp font makes the email signature timeless. To achieve that, make your email signature clutter-free. Use optimum font size not to look too large but is seen and read. Never use a 3-D look or calligraphy font. This gesture makes you look unprofessional.

10. Use Signature Ninja

Use Signature Ninja and access more than a hundred email templates with loads of variations.

Moreover, you don’t need to learn code to craft your signature. Signature Ninja has prepared everything for you. But that does not mean you won’t have complete control over your signature. Of course, you will! You can add any element you want to your preferred template. You can tweak or add features with just a click.

Just sign up and enjoy!

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